Sunday, January 9, 2011

Race for Servival - Wildlife Conflict

It seems Human- Wildlife Conflict will never be resolved in this country

(The lonely nomadic Tusker which killed 8 human being in the surrounding of Tumkur and Hassan district was captured and deported to Madhumali forest...latest news is that he is now near to Bannerghatta national forest)

In recent years shrinking space and shortage of food is forcing these wild animals towards human populated areas. The friction is resulting in the loose of life and property.

(A Sheppard with his goat which survived the attack of Leopard and (Maya) leopard which attacked on two farmers and one Child. Later which was captured and deported to Tyavarkoppa of Shimoga)

The growing incidents of Human Animal Conflict in Tiptur Taluk and surrounding area reflects the failures of our policy makers, media, local leaders and conservationist. Since last 2years there were twenty five number of incidents of human wild life conflict which were reported officially. The lack of sensitiveness among media fueled the anger among the people when 5yr old child of Hullenahalli of Tiputr taluk was killed by the female leopard.

The administration has been compensating for the loss in terms of money but they are now finding it difficult to meet the rising demands for more monetary relief along with the capturing of animals and clearing of the thick vegetation of different Amritmahl kavl (grassland). Sensitizing & going for exclusivity of this issue in print media dimmed the thinking of local leaders and public, rather defending the nature and wild life.

There is need for drastic change in the attitude of local media persons in facilitating the process of wildlife conservation by spreading the awareness and bringing the facts before the people on various issues (Illegal mining, wrong policies, poaching wood logging and deforestation) and articulating it to the people at large for building public opinion. when it concerns the society at large so that the dilution of these issue has to be avoided.

Studies made in different regions of the country by various organization and naturalist shows that the changing land use patterns in the peripheries of protected areas viz, mining, wood logging, and Agricultural activity is affecting wild life habitat.

The reason like rapid and haphazard expanding economy, the high degree of of economic and social disparity which places unsustainable pressure is affecting the management of natural resources in adverse ways,...- allowing the privileged to get way with over exploitation both through legitimate activities which are encouraged by the state, and illegitimate ones by powerful vested interests which the state is incapable of tackling and forcing the under privileged to degrade their limited resource base..

(The Legitimate and illegitimate mining activity has pushed wild life out of the reserved forest to human habitat)

These pressure is influencing the movement pattern, habitat utilization and behavior of wild life to make their habitat near the human settlements like Amrith mahal Kavel or grasslands, Village forests and near by Lakes ultimately leading to the race for survival between man and wild life and led often encounter with human beings directly.

(Small India Palm Civet) (Jungle Cat(Felis chaus))
(Wild life cubs/Kittens/Puppies which are been captured and captived by village folks in their agricultural fields)

Maithreya Parisara Adhyayana Kendra, Tiptur has initiated awareness campaign in the wildlife conflicted area by creating awareness amongst people about Man-Animal Conflict and also actively helping Forest Department in the situation of crisis.

Maithreya has brought pamphlets along with department of forest about the steps to be followed whenever there is a man-leopard conflict in the region, which is based on the study of Ms. Vidya Athreya in Maharashtra. The Wild Life Matters Trust associate organization of Maithreya, has initiated its support by letter camping to various authorities and helping in spreading awareness in this region.

(Awareness leaflet and An Informal education to the wildlife affected area people by Maithreya Tiptur and Wild Life Matters Trust)


  1. Wild Life its too amazing ...
    You no Farmers are disappoint for wild animals because when healthy growing farm in the village or his land then wild animals are come to farm for eat, Then farmers are lost farms .
    So farmers think `` OH .Oh what to do ``
    Som framers asking Forest Officers
    Please sir do something to animals ...?
    But Officers working Little ,
    also Politicians also saying smoothly but did not take an action about us .
    So then farmers disappoint and take badly against wild animals .

    This time Farmers need help and education about wild animals , how to save farm land form wild animal . and also save wild animals .

  2. Excellent initiative at a local level and you are very correct - you need all the help from media to save the wildlife. Please do check which is based on our work in Maharastra. all the very best. vidya athreya

  3. Thanks Ms Vidya athreya.,and thanks for the reference link and materials.